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About CAAM

What is CAAM?

CAAM is the Face of Aesthetic Medicine in Canada, comprising of a multidisciplinary group of aesthetic physicians from various backgrounds and interests.

History of CAAM

CAAM was established in 2003 by a small group of visionaries and was one of the first national voices for aesthetic medicine in Canada. With the guidance of these visionaries, CAAM has developed into the leading association of information, training and certification in aesthetic medicine in Canada.

Mission Statement

CAAM is committed to excellence and safety in Aesthetic Medicine through education and leadership.

About CAAM

Members of CAAM are licensed physicians in Canada, with a special interest in Aesthetic Medicine. Eligible members of CAAM may be, but not limited to; family physicians, dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, endocrinologists, phlebologists, ophthalmologists, gynecologists and ENT specialists.

Our Goals

The Face of Aesthetic Medicine in Canada

  • to improve the quality of Aesthetic Medicine in Canada
  • to provide a community of support to physicians Practicing Aesthetic Medicine in Canada
  • to educate the public about Aesthetic Medicine
  • to be the voice for physicians practicing Aesthetic Medicine
  • to be a resource to community physicians and academic physicians in the area of Aesthetic Medicine

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