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Preceptorship Program

The Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine recognizes the importance of continuing education and that includes the sharing of information with our peers and learning from each other. In addition to the Annual Conference and Training Program, CAAM is pleased to offer the Preceptorship Program aimed at assisting its members in growing their skills and knowledge in the area of Aesthetic Medicine.

The Preceptorship Program provides CAAM members with the opportunity to spend office time with board approved preceptor physicians that have established Aesthetic Medical practices in Canada. Shadowing a colleague in their practice allows CAAM members to be exposed to an environment where much can be learnt:

  • Treatment and consultation approaches
  • Understanding practical administration challenges and office flow
  • Potential questions and answers that may arise
  • Pearls of wisdom and practical tips that often elude a didactic setting
  • Developing a good understanding of how a successful practice functions and are implemented
  • Developing a professional relationship with their preceptor physician

The value derived from one or two days of preceptorship, can propel any practice to a higher level of proficiency and success, as many of our colleagues can attest to.

Fees: $2,250.00 for one day – REGISTRATION

  • Some Preceptors may offer two half days instead of a one full day, dependent on their work schedule.
  • When applying for a preceptorship opportunity, please provide the name of your first choice of preceptor, as  well as two others, in order of preference.
  • Preceptors to select from are Drs. Julia Carroll, Jaggi Rao, and Renier van Aardt
  • Preceptors reserve the right to decline an application for preceptorship in their practice at times, due to such issues such as scheduling, workload and travel.

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